Előrendelés PUMP ADDICTED MANDZSETTA - áttetsző (M)

You love to see yourself in action, and now you can do it with the masturbator pleasure Sleeve while using your PUMP ADDICTED! Pay attention to how every centimeter of your penis penetrates this ultra-narrow transparent masturbator and you have made your perverse fantasies more voyeuristic. You will have the sensation of penetrating a soft vagina or anus (depending on the model) and you can also observe how the transparent masturbator caresses with its interior texture creating a suction effect, increasing your stimulation and massaging your penis with each stroke, while the Realistic material with which it is manufactured (TPE) wraps every millimeter of your penis like a real lover. Make love to this vagina until you explode, and then see how your fluids flow inside.

  • When using it with the suction of your PUMP pump, you will see the penis with twice the size.
  • Valid for the entire PUMP ADDICTED range except the RX11 pump

Use Waterfeel lubricant if you want an extra wet encounter and Waterfeel toy cleaner with warm water for when you finish cleaning it.

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  • Megtekintés: 97
  • Termék kód: D-220981
  • Elérhetőség: Előrendelés
  • 6.490 Ft
  • Nettó ár: 5.144 Ft